Membrama roofing STROTEX 1300 Basic

Membrane roofing STROTEX Basic (115 g/m2)



144,00 zł / rolka

Price PLN gross/roll,
roll of 75 m2 (1,5 x 50 m).

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Membrane roofing STROTEX Basic (115 g/m2)


-surface weight: 115 g/m2
-steam paropszepuszczalność: 3000 g/m2/24 h (according to. DIN52615)
-Sd: 0,02 m
-tearing strength [N/5 cm]:
along > = 200,
across > = 70,
-the possibility of applying on the roofs of deskowaniu,
-structure: three tier,
-resistance to UV rays: 6 months
-temperature range of application:-30 ° c to + 120 ° c
-fire class: E.


-is an open, sherardized zaprojektową membrane as an underlayment beneath the outer cover.
-It is also a great wiatroizolacyjnym material for the walls of the buildings in the skeletal structures,
-Thanks to the high coefficient of Sd is used in roofs with thermal insulation to the full height of the rafters.


-protects the roof work/wall against adverse weather factors that could get under the outer covering of the roof/wall (rain, snow, dust)
-provides wind-resistance of the roof/wall (prevents
wywiewanie of heat insulation layer)
-Thanks to mikroperforacji pass steam outwards, ensuring that global warming remains dry (only meets its function)
-Thanks to the high vapor permeability allows installation
warming to the full height of the rafters,allowing you to better
warming the roof,
-completely waterproof, effectively protects against
the ingress of water or condensation on insulation
-resistant to mechanical damage (stretch and tear)
-stabilized, complying with the EU standards, resistant to action
UV rays and temperature,
-spreading of fire,
-safe for the environment and suitable for recycling

Product features:

Hygiene Certyficate PZU HK/B/0339/01/2001
Certificate of Conformity No Z/65/06/2001
Technical approval no AT/2001-11-0178


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